First, it is worth worth holding the small black button on the end of one of the cables coming out of the WiFi Camera for ~30 seconds to preform a factory reset. A small tune should play when this is done. 

Then the following steps should be followed to connect a WiFi camera to a 4G 360 Camera. Please make sure you are standing close to both the WiFi camera and the 4G 360 and that both cameras have a working power supply.

1. Open phone settings, tap WiFi and search for the WiFi network called IPCAM. 

2. Connect to IPCAM with password 01234567. 

3. Open the CamHipro app.

4. Tap to add camera.

5. Tap 'IP camera'.

6. Tap 'Device in use'.

7. Tap 'Search nearby devices' and then select the camera displayed and then click 'add to'.

The above steps add the WiFi camera to the CamHipro app. The next steps are for connecting the WiFi camera to the 4G 360 camera. 

8. On the CamHipro app, tap the settings cog on the recently added WiFi Camera.

9. Open 'Wireless settings'.

10. Search for networks around the device.

11. Select the network SSID MIFI and use the password 1234567890 to connect the WiFi Camera to the 4G 360 Camera. 

Your WiFi camera should now be connected to your 4G 360 Camera and available to view on the CamHipro app, where ever you are. 

Please email with any questions.