If the error message 'network anomaly` occurs when viewing the camera, or the camera is slow to connect and prone to freezing, it is likely because the 4G signal is too poor. 

Could you please run a speed test through the camera so we can accurately test the signal the camera is receiving? 

Run a 4G Speed Test

1. Stand next to your camera when it is plugged into power and have your mobile phone to hand. 

2. Use your mobile phone to search for available WiFi networks

3. Connect to the WiFi network called MiFi using password 1234567890

4. Once connected, open a web browser and search https://fast.com/

5. The speed test will start to automatically run and once initially loaded, please press the 'Show more info' button which will run the second part of the test and most importantly show the Upload Speed which is what we are most interested in. 

6. Send through a screenshot of this final screen to info@farmstream.co.uk along with your name, order number and issue you are experiencing and we will review details and be in touch.