If the error message 'SD card not found' or 'SD card not recognised' appears, it would be worth trying the following:

1. Turn the camera off and back on again for a simple reboot by unplugging the camera and then plugging back into power. 

2. Reset the camera by holding down the small reset button on the end of one of the cables coming out the back of the camera for 30 seconds.

3. Take the SD card out the camera, wipe the SD card and reset the SD card reader (hold down small button next to SD card reader inside camera for 30 seconds) and then reinsert the SD card to the camera. 

4. Try an alternative SD card in the camera (please ensure this is a micro SD card and 32-256Gb in capacity) 

If the issue continues to persist, please get in touch by emailing info@farmstream.co.uk with your name, steps tried and the order number or address and post code the camera was originally sent to.