If your camera constantly shows connecting there is an issue with it's 4G connection. Below are some things to try:

  • Check that your SIM card is correctly orientated in your camera by comparing with photos in the Farmstream Setup guide. When inserted correctly, it should gently click into place. 
  • The initial connection can be affected by weaker signals inside buildings. Connect your camera to an extension cable and take your camera outside and then place your camera a minimum of 10m away from any buildings or significant obstructions. Give the camera five minutes to allow the initial connection to stabilise before returning the camera to within the building.
  • Check the network coverage in your area for the carrier of your choice using the 4G Coverage Checker on the Farmstream website.
  • Check that your SIM card is activated and has sufficient data. To test this, remove your SIM card from the camera and insert it into a phone and then load a web page to check connectivity. Try running a 4G speed test as we recommend a minimum of 5mbit to establish a reliable connection. You may also need to contact your data plan carrier to check the status of your SIM card and data plan.
  • Check your camera connection through the CamHipro app with a different phone or tablet. 
  • Perform a factory reset on your camera via the CamHipro app.