Footage from all Farmstream Cameras can be viewed from your mobile phone, tablet, iPad or PC/MAC using an app called CamHipro or PC/AC versions of the CamHipro app, meaning you can check in your cameras wherever you are, whenever you need to. 

We have two main types of camera and these are our Static Camera and our 360 Degree Camera. The Static Camera is a fixed position camera with a viewing angle of 76 degrees and a night vision range of 30m. Our 360 Degree Camera has a viewing angle of 76 degrees, can pan through 355 degrees, tilt through 90 degrees and can zoom into objects up to 200m away. It has a night vision range of 80m. The two cameras do require a power supply and this can either be mains or a 12V leisure battery and if connecting to a 12V leisure battery then a connection cable is required.

Both of the cameras are available in a WiFi or 4G model. The WiFi model needs to be placed in a spot where there is an available WiFi connection and the 4G model needs to be placed in a spot where these is good 4G coverage. The 4G model then runs off a SIM card placed in the camera and there is an associated cost with this (similar to a SIM card in a mobile phone). Our 4G cameras are unlocked and so will work with any network provider and it is a giffgaff SIM card (O2 network) that we send the 4G cameras with. If you are unsure of the 4G coverage in your area then here is a link to a 4G coverage checker:

The prices of the cameras are as follows and the below prices include VAT:
1 x WiFi/POE Static Camera = £95
1 x 4G Static Camera = £149
1 x WiFi or POE 360 Degree Camera = £299
1 x 4G 360 Degree Camera = £349

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