When adding an existing Farmstream Camera to a second phone or device, there are two ways to do this. One is entering the camera UID and password manually to the CamHipro app on the new device. The second is using the sharing QR Code. The Sharing QR Code method is particularly useful if you cannot remember the password for the camera and so are unable to manually enter the login details. 

Method 1: Manual Addition

1. Open the CamHipro app on the second phone/device

2. Tap to Add Camera

3. Tap IP Camera

4. Tap Device in Use

5. Enter the UID code (UID can be found beside the camera name on the CamHipro app on the original phone and normally begins SSAH)

6. Leave the username as it is and then enter the password

7. Tap 'Add to' at the bottom of the screen 

8. Follow the app prompts until the camera shows online and tap where it says online to get a live feed from the camera

Method 2: Sharing QR Code

1. Using one of the phones already linked to the camera, open the CamHipro app
2. Tap to bring the camera online and then tap the settings cog
3. Towards the top of settings, on the right and side, there are three small circles connected by two white lines. Attached is an image showing this symbol and tap on this symbol on the phone/device already linked to the camera to access the camera sharing QR code
4. Screenshot this sharing QR code and share to phones which are not yet connected to the camera
5. On the phones that are not yet connected to the camera, open the CamHipro app
6. Tap to add camera, IP camera, device in use and tap to scan QR code. Then scan the sharing QR code. 
7. Scanning the sharing QR code does not require a password and so you will be able to access the camera and bring it online

If you have any questions on adding a camera to a second phone/device, please email info@farmstream.co.uk