When an SD card is inserted into the camera, the camera will be able to record and store footage to the SD card. To access this recorded footage, the following steps can be used:

1. Open the CamHipro app. 

2. Underneath the initial image from your camera are three icons. The left hand side icon looks like a small image of an SD card. 

3. Tap the SD card icon and recordings will be displayed as 'Time Playback' or 'File Playback'. 

4. 'Time playback' is useful for scrolling back through a certain time period. 

5. 'File playback' is useful for downloading any video files of interest. Tap and hold the file you wish to download and then select the 'download' option. 

6. Once the SD card is full, it will automatically overwrite the oldest footage first and so there is no need to manually delete files. 

N.B. In 'File playback', there is a small magnifying glass icon in the bottom right hand side. Tap this to change the period of time you are accessing. The default here is 6 hours and so if you wish to access yesterdays footage, you will need to tap the magnifying glass icon to change the time period being accessed.