Farmstream 360 Degree Cameras have preset position functions. These can be used to remember common camera positions for quickly checking different key positions such as entrances to a yard/depot. For example, when watching over a farmyard, you may wish to check a left side entrance and right side entrance but primarily have the camera focused on the main entrance. To speed this up, we can assign the main entrance, the left entrance and the right entrance with a preset position. 

Preset Positions also unlock camera smart functions, such as human auto-tracking, or more powerful infrared modes, or can be used to increase the speed the camera rotates. Below are details on accessing the camera preset position screen and setting a preset position. Attached is a video showing how to set a preset position, and a pdf document detailing the camera preset position smart functions. 

In order to set a preset position with your camera, the following steps can be used:

1. Open the CamHipro app

2. Tap your camera 

3. Scroll to the third interface screen where there are six small icons

4. Tap the icon called 'Preset position'

5. Ensure the camera is facing a direction you wish to save (e.g. covering the main gate/entranceway)

6. Enter the number 1 

7. Press the 'Setup' or 'Setting' button (depending on whether you have an apple/android device)

8. This will have locked the position your camera is currently in as position 1. 

9. Move your camera away from its current position and then enter 1 into preset position and press the 'Call' or 'Transfer' button 

10. The camera should now turn back to position 1. 

The above steps can be used to assign further preset positions, e.g. to cover the left entrance (preset position 2) and right entrance (preset position 3). 

Check out the how-to video below to see the above steps in action and do please email with any questions.