If you are in the UK, to correctly set the time on the CamHipro app, the following steps can be used: 

1. Open CamHipro app

2. Open settings by tapping settings cog for your camera

3. Scroll towards the bottom and select 'Time setting'

4. Do not select 'Sync with phone time'

5. Tap 'Device Time Zone'

6. Search for 'Europe/Dublin GMT+0:00' and tap this to select it

7. Tap 'Done' (top right corner)

8. Toggle 'Daylight Saving Time' to on

9. Tap 'Saving Time Zone For Device' 

10. This should offer the option 'Set Device Time Zone will REBOOT device', tap Yes here

11. Device will reboot and new time will be saved

Drop us an email at info@farmstream.co.uk with any questions.