The camera alarm is software based and works by detecting the number of pixels that move from one frame to the next. The sensitivity of the alarm can be adjusted, so a larger number of pixels moving are required to trigger the alarm. 

Setting up camera alarm does require trial and error as every setup is unique and so please do have patience during this process. 

Edit Camera Alarm Settings:

1. Open the CamHipro app.

2. Tap the settings cog on the camera you wish to edit.

3. Tap the setting 'Alarm management and notification'.

Camera Alarm Settings:

1. To turn on motion detection (the number of pixels that move from one frame to the next), toggle 'Motion detection alarm' to on. 

2. To edit the sensitivity and area of the motion detection tap 'Adjust motion detection' and slide the sensitivity between 1-100. A higher sensitivity closer to 100 will require less pixel movement to trigger the alarm and a lower sensitivity closer to 1 will require more pixel movement to trigger the alarm. Adjusting the blue box area adjusts the area  in which motion is detected. 

**When using the cameras for security, in order to detect vehicles and people, a sensitivity of ~10 is required for the majority of our customers** 

3. To turn on human detection toggle 'Humanoid alarm' to on.

4. To ensure the camera alarm activates for both people and vehicle movement, ensure Alarm Trigger is set to alone trigger. This means the camera alarm will activate if either motion is detected (e.g. a vehicle) or a person is detected. 

5. To set the camera alarm to only be active at certain times of the day, tap 'Advanced setting'. This allows you to manually customise the time you wish motion detection to be activated. 

Camera Alarm Actions:

1. To receive a push notification when the camera alarm is activated, toggle 'Receive alarm push' to on. 

2. To sound a siren at the camera end when the camera alarm is activated, toggle 'When the alarm is triggered, the device issues a siren' to on.

3. To start recording to an SD card when the camera alarm is activated, toggle 'Alarm recording to SD card' to on.