If you still have access to your camera, your camera can be reset via the CamHipro app. To do this, the following steps can be used:

1. Open the CamHipro app

2. Tap the settings cog for your camera

3. Scroll down to and tap on 'Default setting'

4. Tap 'Reset Camera'

If you do not have access to your camera via the CamHipro app, you will need to access the camera itself and the following steps can be used to factory reset the camera:

1. Access your camera

2. Coming out of your camera are several cables, locate the cable with a small black button on the end of it (this is located under a black plastic cap)

3. Press and hold down this button for ~30 seconds

4. Once ~30 seconds are up, your camera will have reset. 

N.B. When factory resetting any of the Farmstream Cameras, the password will default back to 'admin'. When re-accessing your camera, the app will advise you to update this password to something more secure. 

N.B. After factory resetting a WiFi Farmstream Camera, the camera will have disconnected to the WiFi network it was connected to. The camera will then need to be re-added to this network and this can be done using the WiFi camera setup instructions from Step 6.D : https://www.farmstream.co.uk/pages/360-wi-fi-instructions