If your camera comes online on the CamHipro app*, then you can factory reset your camera via the CamHipro app. To do this, the following steps can be used:

1. Open the CamHipro app

2. Tap the settings cog for your camera

3. Scroll down to and tap on 'Default setting'

4. Tap 'Reset Camera'

Pushing the camera through a factory reset does reset the camera password to 'admin' and so when logging back onto the camera you may receive a wrong password error. The camera login details will now be as follows:
Username: admin
Password: admin

N.B. After factory resetting a WiFi Farmstream Camera, the camera will have disconnected to the WiFi network it was connected to. The camera will then need to be re-added to this network and this can be done using the WiFi camera setup instructions from Step 6.D : https://www.farmstream.co.uk/pages/360-wi-fi-instructions

* If your camera is not coming online on the CamHipro app, then you will need to reset the camera via the reset button on the camera.