Farmstream cameras can be factory reset via the CamHipro app or in person. If resetting via the app, the camera must be showing online, otherwise the reset must be done in person, via the reset button on the camera. 

If resetting via the app, the camera must be online. To reset via the app, open the tap, tap to bring your camera online and open 'settings' for your camera. Then, scroll towards the bottom of settings and select 'default setting' and then 'Reset Camera'. This will preform a factory reset on the camera. 

If doing an in person reset, hold down the black button located on the end of one of the cables coming out the back of the camera for ~30 seconds. The button may be covered by a black plastic cap, flip this cap off to access the button. 

Resetting your camera resets the camera password and the login details for the camera are as follows:

Username: admin

Password: admin